A beautifully simple goal tracker with forecasts

Enter data daily, weekly or monthly to track and forecast sales targets, saving goals, money raised, miles run, steps taken or calories burned over a set period of time and get feedback about what is needed to hit (or smash through) your goals.

Visualise your performance

Two stunning graphs help you visualise your progress against your goals. Daily, weekly or monthly entries are displayed with your current average and we’ll even forecast where you’ll end up if you continue at the same rate.
Simple and intuitive

Create your goals with ease and add data whenever you want.

Track goal progress

Displaying progress on graphs makes it easier to see how you're doing.

Forecast calculations

SmartTracker calculates what you need to do to hit your goals.

Multiple goals

Create as many personal and professional goals as you need.

"I love SmartTracker! It’s really helped me focus on hitting my goals, and so much easier than putting it all on a spreadsheet or writing it down in a book. I also love how simple it is to use."

Peter Lynch

"Saving up for a holiday is now so much more enjoyable. I can see exactly how much I’ve saved and how much I need to save each month to hit my goal, and it’s so easy to use."

Molly James
Monthly challenges

Perfect for tracking your monthly challenges

SmartTracker takes the guesswork out of completing your monthly challenges in the Activity app on iOS.
Saving goals

Save up for your dream summer holiday

SmartTracker can tell you what you need to save each month to achieve your saving goals.
Sales targets

Track your monthly or annual sales targets

Use SmartTracker to show you whether you're going to hit (or smash through) your sales targets.
“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”
Edmund Hillary